Oral Pathology and Microbiology


The Department of Oral Pathology and Microbiology is one of the nine specialities in the prestigious A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences. It is well equipped with the best equipments, required to develop standard reports in diagnosis and interpret clinical findings.

Aims & Objectives

The speciality of Oral Pathology and Microbiology, aims at acquiring adequate knowledge and the necessary skills to carry out investigative procedures and the ability to interpret laboratory findings, thus helping the dental and medical practitioners in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of anomalies and diseases of the oral and maxillofacial region.

The objectives of training in Oral Pathology include:

  • To provide adequate knowledge on development, structures and functions of the teeth, jaws and supporting tissues in the orofacial region.
  • To provide adequate knowledge of anomalies, lesions and diseases affecting the orofacial region and the importance of etiology and pathogenesis in oral disease.
  • Through knowledge, skill and scientific background, to evaluate various clinical findings, imbibe the ability to carry out and interpret various investigative procedures to establish definitive diagnosis and institute proper treatment.
  • To promote oral health and prevent oral diseases.

Areas of study

The departmental activity includes:

  • Undergraduate teaching
  • Postgraduate training
  • Clinical support

Undergraduate Training Program

First year – Dental Anatomy and Histology (new syllabus)

Second year – Dental Anatomy and Histology

Third year – Oral Pathology

  • Training students in the knowledge of Morphology of human dentition
  • Training students to carve teeth
  • Training students in Human oral anatomy, Oral histology, Oral embryology & Oral physiology
  • Training students in the basics of Oral Pathology theoretically and practically

Postgraduate Training Program

The training includes biopsy reporting using H&E stains as well as Special staining techniques, Image analysis and Florescent microscopy, Frozen sectioning, FNAC, Exfoliative cytology, Ground sections and Forensic odontology.

Other than routine PG activities:

  • Short term research studies and epidemiological studies
  • Developing teaching modules
  • Participation in UG teaching programs
  • Participation in CDE programmes and National level histopathological seminars


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Research projects

  • Title: A survey on role of oral pathologists in forensic odontology

Principal investigator: Dr. Pushparaj Shetty
Year: 2007

  • Title: Preganancy tumors. A clinicopathologic analysis

Principal investigator: Dr. Pushparaj Shetty ; Co-investigator: Dr. Audrey DCruz
Year: 2007

  • Title: Bioethical issues in abortion

Principal investigator: Dr. Prathima S Rao ; Co-investigator: Dr. Lal PM
Year: 2007

  • Title: Religious pluralism and cross cultural parameters in bioethics

Principal investigator: Dr. Lal PM ; Co-investigator: Dr. Prathima S Rao
Year: 2007

  • Title: The burning tooth-A radiographic and microscopic study to aid identification process in fire disasters

Principal investigator: Dr. Nitul Jain ; Co-investigators: Dr. Pushparaj Shetty, Dr. Lal PM, Dr. Prathima S Rao
Year: 2007

  • Title: Cysts in the pediatric age group: A Review

Principal investigator: Dr. Ajay Telang ; Co-investigators: Dr. SE Shroff, Dr. Pushparaj Shetty, Dr. Lal PM, Dr. Prathima S Rao
Year: 2005

  • Title: Oral submucous fibrosis is a hidden danger-An original study

Principal investigator: Dr. Shaila M ; Co-investigators: Dr. SE Shroff, Dr. Pushparaj Shetty, Dr. Lal PM
Year: 2004

  • Title:Microbiology evaluation of radicular cyst and comparision with oral flora.

Principal investigator: Dr. Suhail Latoo; coinvestigator: Dr.Pushparaja Shetty

  • Title- A comparative study of salivary and plasma antioxidants levels in pre-malignancy

Principal investigator- Dr. Swetha Acharya; co-investigator: Dr. Lal PM
Year: 2007

  • Title- Study of dose response relation between tobacco habits and white lesions among rural population in dakshina kannada,India.

Principal investigator: Dr.Swetha Acharya; Co-investigator: Dr. Lal PM
Year :2006

  • Title- A comparative cytomorphometric analysis of buccal squames in type I and type II diabetes patients

Principal investigator: Dr. Nitul Jain; co-investigator: Dr. Pushparaja Shetty

  • Title: Effect of inflammation on epithelial lining and packaging of collagen fibres in OKC- a retrospective histopathological study.

Principal investigator: Dr. Soniya A; Co-investigator: Dr.Lal PM
Year: 2008

  • Title- Qualitative and quantitative assessment of oral mucositis in chemo-radiotherapy induced stomatotoxicity.

Principal investigator: Dr. S. Karthika; Co-investigator: Dr.Lal PM

  • Title: Comparison of papinicolaou,Maygrunwald geimsa and leishman giemsa stains in exfoliated cells of oral malignancy

Principal investigator: Dr. Uzma belgaumi; Co-investigator: Dr. Pushparaja Shetty
Year 2009

  • Title: Qualitative and quantitative assessment of acute phase proteins in post chemoradiation mucositis

Principal investigator: Dr.Chethna; co-investigator: Dr. Lal PM, Dr. Pushparaj Shetty

  • Title- Levels of albumin, prealbumin, total protein, inorganic phosphate and presence of keratinocytes in the cystic fluid of odontogenic keratocysts (keratocystic odontogenic tumors) in comparison to nonkeratinizing odontogenic cysts.

Principal investigator: Dr. Madhvika patidar ; Co-investigators: Dr. Pushparaj Shetty
Year: 2010

  • Title- Epidemiological survey on oral health status in beedi workers in mangalore

Principal investigator: Dr.Chethna; co-investigator: Dr. Lal PM, Dr. Pushparaj Shetty

  • Title- Epidemiological survey -awareness of waste disposal and management among paramedical staff in ABSMIDS



  • Scientific paper presentations at the national level
  • Organised a national level PG convention
  • Award for Best Poster presentation at national level PG conference
  • Conducted a series of symposium on oral micro flora
  • University ranks obtained in UG & PG examinations
  • Faculty participation in CDE programmes
  • Faculty participation in national level slide seminars and discussions
  • Guest lecture in CLINFORSICON 3rd conferences
  • Fellow of National Foundation of Clinical Forensic Medicine, 13 November 2010
  • Workshop conducted