The motto of the Department of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics is to impart high quality education and dispense high end treatment in the specialty of Orthodontics in an ethical manner with Interdisciplinary Team Approach especially for the Rural & Semi urban population. BROAD SCOPE
  • To develop an attitude to adopt Ethical Principles in all aspects of Orthodontic practice.
  • To Diagnose and Plan Treatment with high end Diagnostic aids.
  • Impart training in the treatment of various types of malocclusions including dentofacial disorders and Craniofacial anomalies including cleft lip and palate and other congenital deformities.
  • To give adequate priority to recent advances like Lingual Orthodontics , Micro-Implants, Orthognathic Surgeries and Distraction Osteogenesis among others and in the use of state of the art Orthodontic Materials and Equipment.
  • To lay foundation of basic knowledge and assimilate associated orthodontic skills to enable students to Diagnose and Treat various Orthodontic problems.
  • To have a systematic understanding of the dynamic interaction of Biologic processes and Mechanical forces acting on the Stomatognathic system during Orthodontic treatment.
  • To have a thorough understanding of the Etiology, Patho-physiology and subsequently accurate Diagnosis and Treatment planning of various Orthodontic problems.
  • To have an understanding of the interactions of Social, Cultural, Economic, Genetic and Environmental factors and their relevance in the management of Orofacial Deformities.
  • To give adequate priorities to Infection Control and safe disposal of hospital waste so as to prevent cross infections
Facilities. Spread across a vast area of 9568 sq ft , the newly refurbished fully air conditioned state of the art department is the pride of the the college. 1 3 2 INTERDISCIPLINARY SUPPORT The Department of Orthodontics has a close working relationship with all the other specialities, especially the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial surgery. Multi disciplinary Clinico-Pathologic Conferences (CPC) are held regularly in association with other departments. At various points of time renowned MaxilloFacial Surgeons such as Prof.(Dr) Kishore Nayak and Prof.(Dr) Paul Salins have contributed to the Interdisciplinary approach of treating Complex Craniofacial Disorders. ACADEMIC ACTIVITY UNDERGRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAMME Highlights of the under graduate training programme are:
  • Faculty are allotted Theory/Practical classes and clinicals.
  • Multimedia Presentations are used extensively for theory classes. This helps in better understanding of the concepts and at the same time makes learning an enjoyable experience.
  • There is a One to one interaction and discussions with the students during Practical classes and clinical postings.
  • Practical demonstrations are given for various techniques and procedures like wire bending, acrylization etc.
  • The department library has most of the latest Orthodontic books, Journals & Periodicals for ready reference.
  • At periodic intervals there is Personal Counseling of students by senior staff members.
POSTGRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAMME The Post Graduates are exposed to a vast number of clinical cases with various types of Dentofacial disorders. The training modules comprise of very basic to most advanced Orthodontic Techniques and Mechanics There is a lot of emphasis on maintenance of up to date records for each case. A comprehensive Library Dissertation (L.D.) has to be compiled and submitted to the Department before starting work on the Dissertations. The department has regular Multi-media Seminar Presentations, Journal Clubs and Case discussions.(5 days a week) Post Graduate Students actively participate in Rural Health Oriented Projects especially at our Rural Satellite Centres. The department maintains a state of the art record storage room with a vast collection of more than 800 finished cases which are constantly used for research and training purposes. SUBSIDIARY UNITS
  • Surgical Orthodontic Unit.
  • Growth Modulation and Myofunctional Unit.
  • Temporomandibular Joint disorders clinic.
  • Satellite and Rural Centres.
  • Growth Modulations
  • Cleft Lip And Palate Management
  • Lingual Orthodontics
  • Distraction Osteogenesis
  • Orthodontic Implants
INNOVATIVE AND BEST PRACTICES The department is associated with the Super Specialty Craniofacial Centre at KSHEMA. The department delivers comprehensive Orthodontic Management of Cleft Lip and Palate cases as well as other Craniofacial Disorders through team approach. The SMILE TRAIN Foundation, USA funds the charitable Cleft Lip and Palate program of the college, which treats more than 1000 cleft cases in a year in association with the Department of Orthodontics. The department is also associated with the Cleft Children International , Zurich who support the Orthodontic phase of the Surgically treated cleft patients. RURAL SATELLITE CENTRES We take great pride in the fact that our department also treats patients at 9 Rural Satellite Centers which are run by the Nitte University , since 1992 where Advanced Orthodontic Care including Fixed Orthodontic Appliance is provided free of cost to patients who otherwise would have been denied orthodontic attention and have treated more than 5000 cases so far at these centres.
  • Nadiguttu Siddu Shetty Rural Centre – Mundkur
  • Chittor Manjayya Shetty Memorial Free Dental Hospital – Marnakatte
  • K.S. Hedge Memorial Satellite Rural Dental Centre – Nitte
  • Sharada Dhanavantari Hospital – Sringeri
  • Sadananda Hospital – Subramanya
  • Ashwini Hospital – Madikeri
  • Rural Centre – Bailoor
  • Satya Sai school at Alike,near Puttur
  • Gajria superspeciality hospital at Karkala
RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS The department forever strives to achieve academic excellence through Research Publications Scientific Papers Presentations Scientific Poster Presentations 2 staff in the department have registered for the PhD Programme 1 has Completed Fellowship in Craniofacial Orthodontics (under CCI) Over 200 Dissertations have been completed in the department. Over 200 Library Dissertations have been compiled in the department. Around 225 Scientific papers have been published by the staff and post graduates of the department {since the last NAAC Inspection – 2009} Scientific papers and Posters have regularly been presented in Specialty Conferences. Some of the papers and posters have won accolades and awards. CDE’S AND CONVENTIONS Over the years our unyielding desire to learn has fuelled us to successfully organize a record number of CDE programs and play host to 2 National level IOS Post Graduate Conventions. IOS National level post graduate conventions conducted THE SUMMIT – 2004 THE RETURN OF THE SUMMIT - 2012  List of CDE Programmes conducted 2003- till date. 1. June 2003: Comprehensive Hands on course on PEA by Dr. Ashok Karad (Director, Smile Care) 2. Jan 2004: ‘SUMMIT’, National Orthodontics PG Convention. 3. Jan 2004: Hands on Course on Diagnosis, Basic Mechanics & Everyday Mechanics by Dr. Rohit Sachdeva 4. June 2004: Hands on Course in ‘Detailing and Finishing’ by Dr. Ashok Karad,(Director, Smile Care) 5. Feb 2005: Regional Students Convention conducted by AOA. (A.B. Shetty Orthodontics Alumni) 6. March 2006: Lecture on Smile Designing by Dr. Anand Shenoy. 7. July 2006: Lecture and clinical demonstration course in Excellence in Finishing by Dr. Ashok Karad. (Director, Smile Care) 8. Dec 2006: An Implant based Interdisciplinary Approach to Complex Occlusions by Dr. Ajith Britto, (Commonwealth University, Virginia, USA) 9. Feb 2006: Photography in Dentistry by Dr. Mayilvahanan. 10. 25th and 26th Aug 2007: Management of Sagittal, Vertical and Transverse discrepancies by Dr. Ashok Karad. (Director, Smile Care) 11. 16th March 2008 : Series of Lectures on Topics like ‘Micro-Implant Anchorage’, ‘Distraction Orthodontics’ and ‘Distalizing the Distal Segment by Prof. (Dr.) Umashankar, MDS, MorthRCS, DIBO, Professor of Lingual Orthodontics, Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, Chennai. 12. 23rd and 24th September 2008: Two day Hands-on Lingual Orthodontics Workshop by Dr. Tushar Hegde and Dr. Punit Thawani, Dr. Dhiraj Shetty and Dr. Ashutosh Shetty. 13. 26th August 2009: A Workshop on “Orthodontics-A Matrix Unravelled” Wednesday by Prof. Dr. K. Umashanker& Dr. Apurva K. Chitalia 14. 15th December 2009: A workshop on DENTO-LEGAL ASPECTS IN DENTAL PRACTICE. 15. 09th March 2010: A workshop on “Orthodontics- Gen Next” by Dr. Nikhilesh R Vaid 16. 15th may 2010: Hand - on Workshop on" Basic & Clinical Photography” by Dr. M.S. Kannan 17. 22nd June: 2010 CDE Programme on “Treatment Alternatives for Skeletal Cl. III - Malocclusions " by Prof. ( Dr.) N.R.Krishnaawamy, Vice Principal and H.O.D Dept. of Orthodontics Ragas Dental College Chennai. 18. 6th and 7th October 2010: A Two Day Interactive Hands-on Course on“ Efficient and Effective Orthodontics”. 19. 27th August 2011: CDE Programme on “Orthognathic Surgery-Then & Now”. “Orthognathic Surgery-Status 40 years ago” by Prof. Dr. T. Samraj Lecture –2. “Orthognathic Surgery-Current Status ”by Prof. Dr. S.M.Sharma 20. 17th December 2011: A CDE Programme on “NOCTURNAL BRUXISM DEMYSTIFIED” by Prof. ( Dr.) Reena R. Kumar and on “PREVENTIVE DENTISTRY- THE FUTURE AND ITS PROFITABILITY” by Dr. Santosh Ravindran 21. 11th Septemper 2012 : CDE Programme on "ORTHODONTIC UPDATE" by Dr. Joseph Varghese, Diplomate & Past Chairman, Indian Board of Orthodontics. 22. August 2012: A Workshop on “Future Road Map ”. 23. 1st , 2nd and 3rd MARCH 2013: HAD CONDUCTED THE 17TH ALL INDIA I.O.S POST GRADUATE CONVENTION. 24. 4th May 2013: Lecture on "Future dental professional Program" and Hands on & E-Poster competition. 25. 3rd August 2013: International College of Dentists Section VI Mid-Year Convention was held at Hotel Ocean Pearl, Mangalore. 26. 3rd October 2013: CDE Programme on “The 21st Century Orthodontic Patient; Are we ready?” by Prof.( Dr.) Nikhilesh R. Valid, Consultant Orthodontist & Dentofacial Orthopadician, C.A.D., Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai, India. 27. 11th October 2013: CDE Programme on “Applications of CBCT Imaging in Dentistry” by Prof. Dr. Sanjay Mallya, Director, Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology Program, School of Dentistry, University of Callifornia, Los Angeles, USA. 28. 27th November 2013: CDE Programme on “Concepts and Principles of Comprehensive Dentistry: A Road map for achieving optimal treatment out comes” Dr. Chikka M Raju, Diplomate American Board of General Dentistry, Chino Hills, Callifornia, USA. 29. December 2013: In association with the  A.B. Shetty Ortho Alumni, Indian Orthodontic Society & Lingualmatrix, Mumbai a two days extensive course on“Lingual Orthodontics” as a part of the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the PG Programme 30. 24th April 2014: CDE Programme on Accelerated Osteodontics (AOO) …Braces off in no time! by Prof.Dr.C.Deepak, Hon.Joint Secretary , Indian Orthodontic Society,Professor, Department of Orthodontics Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospital  Chennai. 31. 5th July 2014: CDE  Programme  on ‘Understanding the Damon System’ by Dr. Andrey Tykhonov  was organized in association with Mangalore Orthodontic Study Group 32.  6th October 2014: CDE Programme on  Facts and Fallacies- Making sense of Research!  and The changing F(hase) –Management of Craniofacial Deformities! by Prof. (Dr) Sridevi Padmanabhan  Head, Department of Orthodontics, Faculty of Dental Sciences Sri Ramachandra University, Chennai in Association with A.B.Shetty Ortho Alumini (Regd) 33. 27th October 2014: Guest Lecturers on CBCT in Orthodontic Diagnosis and Treatment Planning by Prof. (Dr) Deepak Chandra, Hon. Joint Secretary, Indian Orthodontic Society, Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospital, & on ‘Self ligating brackets’ by Prof.(Dr) M.S. Kannan Professor, Department of Orthodontics, Sree Balaji Dental College & Hospital, Chennai in Association with A.B.Shetty Ortho Alumni. 34. 31st March 2015. CDE Programme on ‘Skeletal Class III Correction’ by Prof.(Dr) Vadivelkumaar. Orthodontic Practitioner from Salem. RESEARCH PROJECTS ONGOING EXTERNALLY FUNDED PROJECTS No of Externally Funded Projects by the staff: Amount Sanctioned a) Prof. (Dr.) U. S. Krishna Nayak, Principal Investigator ICMR grant of Rs10,00,000/- Dr.Suchetha Kumari, Co-Investigator Dr.Dilip Quadros Co-Investigator Research Project Title “In Vivo study of DNA damage on buccal mucosal cells by the treatment with various types of fixed orthodontic appliances” b) Prof. Dr. Ravi M.S Principal Investigator Board of Research In Nuclear Sciences Government of India, grant of Rs 13,06,000/ Research Project Title “Cytotoxicity Of Orthodontic Adhesives” Staff Research Project funded by Nitte University Principal Investigator- Prof.(Dr.) U.S.Krishna Nayak Co- Investigator – Prof. (Dr.) Suchetha Kumari, Dept. of Biochemistry Title of the Project- Cytotoxicity of Electric Spot Welding- An in Vitro Study .Grant Sanctioned – Rs 200,000/- RESEARH PROJECTS COMPLETED: Short Term Epidemiology based Research Projects
  • Dr. U.S Krishna Nayak Dr. J.M Jayraj
Topic: Enzymatic changes in gingival crevicular fluid during orthodontic Treatment Dr. M.S. Ravi , Dr. Shushma rani Topic: “ Masseter muscle volume using ultra sonographic in skeletal class I & class II Malocclusions Amount : 25000/-
  • Principal Investigator : Aneesh Katyal IVB.D.S
Guide : Prof. Dr. U.S. Krishna Nayak Topic: “ Shear bond Strength of Orthodontic brakets after application of antioxidant on bleached teeth. Amount : 5000/- Dr. M.S. Ravi , Dr. Ravikala .S Topic: “skeletal growth assessment in cleft lip and palateindividuals using cervical vertebral analysis – a cephalometic comparative study” -- Amount : 25000/-
  • Principal Investigator Ms. Lisa R. Jolly,
Guide: Prof. Dr. Krishna Nayak U. S Topic : Fluoride Release Rate from an Orthodontic Sealant WORK OUTPUT: The department on an average treats about 120 patients a day including patients with cleft lip and palate and other craniofacial deformities which assures ample clinical material for students. ALUMNI
  • In a short span of just 25 years we are proud to have trained over 200 orthodontists who are holding prestigious posts of Principals, Heads of Departments and Reputed Consultants both in India and Abroad.
  • Each of them are members of the “A.B. Shetty Ortho Alumni (Regd), the only registered alumni association in the campus.
  • The alumni meets on a regular basis, the latest meeting being The Silver Jubilee Alumni meet on 26th of November 2014 during the 49th IOS National Conference at Kolkata.
  • Workforce that is committed to quality, dedication, positive morals and work ethics.
  • Availability of large clinical Material
  • Efficient Patient management system
  • Participating in Rural Health Care and community oriented programmes.
  • Faculty are recognized Nationally for leadership in respective fields.
  • Availability of full time faculty and presence of strong bond and a high level of interaction between faculty and students
Staff Details
Prof. (Dr.) U.S. Krishna Nayak M.D.S Principal and Head of Department
Prof. (Dr.) M.S. Ravi M.D.S Professor
Prof. (Dr.) Kuttappa M. N M.D.S Professor
Prof. (Dr.) Ashutosh Shetty. M.D.S Professor
Prof. (Dr.) Saidath M.D.S Professor
Dr. Nandakishore M.D.S Reader
Dr. Akhil Shetty. M.D.S Reader
Dr. Prajwal Shetty M.D.S Reader
Dr. McQueen Mendonca M.D.S Lecturer
Dr. Azhar Mohammed M.D.S Lecturer
Dr. Murali P.S M.D.S Lecturer
Dr. Crystal Runa Soans M.D.S Lecturer