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Professor Chitta Ranjan CHOWDHURY, after completing his undergraduate qualification in Dentistry (1980), did a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Nutrition & Dietetics from Dhaka University (1982). He is trained in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Okayama University Dental School Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery of Japan. In 1991, he was awarded with PhD qualification from Asahi University School of Dentistry Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, Japan. His research was on Oral Cancer Epidemiology and Immunology. He investigated the immune status of oral cancer patients with relation to retinol, alpha-tocopherol and zinc, and first quantified zinc therapy to restore immunity among severely affected with depleted immunity of the oral cancer cases.
He did his postdoctoral training (in Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery) and completed a research with a prestigious grant from Japanese Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). He performed a series of molecular studies on oral cancer in collaboration with his Japanese colleagues and investigated the mutations and deletions of identified tumor suppressor genes in chewing tobacco related oral cancer. A scientific commentary has been published in Asia Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention

And original research has been published in Bulletin Tokyo Dental College, Japan

He worked jointly with Professor Tomas Gustavsson in Sweden to determine the computer aided pattern recognition of oral pre-cancerous lesion at Gothenburg Charmer University of Technology with a support from SIDA.

He did his Masters in Public Health Science (MPH) from School of Community Medicine of the University of Manchester. He also finished his fellowship training and was examined to qualify FFD RCS in Oral Surgery with Oral Medicine from the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland. He entered in the specialist list of oral surgeons in General Dental Council of the UK, and selected as one of the examiners (for MJDF 2012) of Royal College of Surgeons of England. Professor Chowdhury was offered with the grants from Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Japan Society for Promotion of Science(JSPS), Osaka Dental University (ODU) Japan, and Poole-Bournemouth –PCT (pb-PCT), UK. Professor Chowdhury was appointed with a role to help promote research, education and training within the Postgraduate Dental Studies of Medical School under the University of Warwick, UK. He was involved in Research and Educational Development of Postgraduate Dental studies of Warwick Medical School, and working on new courses and operational research linking with Indian and Japanese University faculties. He is also the Director, and coordinating the research and training in Tropical Oral Health in the UK, which is linked with identified tropical countries in Asia and Africa. Currently he is working as visiting Professor at De Mont

Fort University Leicester, and BPP University City of London Dental School, UK. He is also appointed as consult for the Global Child Dental Health at Kings College London

He has extensive clinical experience in general dentistry of 25 years duration, and specialized practice in oral surgery both in developing and developed countries---specifically in India, Bangladesh, Japan and the UK. Apart from hospital practice, he ran his own surgeries, where he performed the clinical procedures independently, also involved to train the junior dentists, dental/medical students and allied health professionals in the countries. He developed a primary care services for the underserved patients/community, and that is based on the concept of Community/patient involvement for health development.

He has teaching and assessment experience (PBL, LBS, CBL OSCE, MiniCEX etc) of 21 years’ duration in oral surgery, general dental practice, and public health Dentistry. He teaches oral cancer, systemic diseases of oral health concern, law-ethics, infection/cross-infection control, Oral AIDS, health and safety, practice management and clinical leadership, therapeutics, conscious sedation and pain control, research methods, epidemiology and evidence based dentistry. He established and running the Department of Oral Biology and Genomic Studies at (Deemed to be University) Dental School (ABSMIDS), Mangalore, India. He published many useful researches on oral cancer prevention, and wrote books, of them “Handbook of Oral Cancer Screening and Education- A Guideline Protocol” , British Dental Journal review and “What You Need to do When Oral Cancer and Pre- Cancer is Suspected” are worth mentioning. He also published another book “Essentials of Health Research – A Guide for Beginners”. Chitta Chowdhury is a humanist and likes nature, wild-lives, philharmonic orchestra, documentaries-literatures---he cognizes dialectics of nature and the Universal religion of mankind.

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