Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Head of the Department and Director P.G Studies

Prof.(Dr.) B.Rajendra Prasad, M.D.S

Prof.(Dr.) S.M.Sharma , M.D.S.
Prof.(Dr.) Nidarsh D.Hegde, M.D.S.
Prof.(Dr.) Muralee Mohan, M.D.S, D.N.B, MOSRCS, Ed(U.K), MBA.

Dr. Soumi Samuel, M.D.S.
Dr.Vikram Shetty, M.D.S, D.N.B, M.B.B.S.
Dr.Arvind Karikal , M.D.S.

Assistant Professors/ Lecturers
Dr. Gopinath Thilak, M.D.S.
Dr.Padmaraj Hegde, M.D.S.
Dr. Tripthi P.S, M.D.S.
Dr. Pratiksha Shetty, M.D.S.
Dr. Rithesh Agarawal, M.D.S.
Dr. Ashish Shetty, M.D.S.

Oral and Maxillofacial surgery is a distinguished specialty which bridges the gap between medical and dental fraternity. Fast metamorphosis has taken place in the recent years with expansion and modernization of the department with newer surgical advancements. Distraction osteogenesis, orthognathic surgeries, oncology with reconstruction and cleft surgeries have been integral part of our treatment protocol. The Staff and Post Graduate students of the Department have actively participated in various state and
national conferences.