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In the contemporary globalised scenario, the Banking and Financial sectors are undergoing tremendous changes posing managerial challenges. These sectors have far reaching impacts on all other sectors of the economy. With India emerging as a powerful global player, issues concerning banking and finance necessitate serious academic consideration.

The Centre for Studies on Banking & Finance was formally inaugurated on August 16, 2005 by Mr. K L Gopalakrishna, Executive Director, Corporation Bank.

Recent projects

Two research projects sponsored by Ministry of Finance, Department of Economic Division, Government of India are successfully completed by the institute. The project titles are as below:

Challenges of Financial Inclusion in India: An empirical assessment.

Expanding Financial Inclusion in the North Eastern States.

A research project titled Inclusive rural development in reality – Triumph of SKDRDP is successfully completed by the institute and the project was sponsored by SKDRDP, Dharmastala.

Bank Finance for Agri Business – A case study in Dakshina Kannada District sponsored by Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai is in progress

The centre in general, aims in promoting studies on emerging issues in banking and finance.

The specific objectives are:
• Developing resource base to facilitate research studies on different dimensions of the sector.
• Providing training, Executive Development Programs and consultancy services to the banking industry and academia.
• Developing contemporary curriculum for a master’s program with Banking and Finance as a specialized stream.
• Encouraging industry sponsored research and doctoral studies.

The following are projects and programs that have been completed under the Centre for Studies on Banking and Finance:
• Grameena Banks in India : A Re-assessment Funding Agency : Syndicate Bank
• Banking Challenges: Can Small remain Beautiful? Funding Agency : Karnataka Bank Ltd.
• Indian Banks – Profitability, Publicity and Popularity Funding Agency : Canara Bank and Syndicate Bank
• Project on Micro Finance and Rural Employment : An Appraisal of the Potentialities Funding Agency : NABARD

Centre for Studies on WTO & Globalisation
As the borders of time and distance are being erased by technology leading to a global village, there are several challenges and emerging opportunities. As the independent economies get integrated into a global economy, agencies like the WTO and multi-lateral agencies like World Bank and IMF, have a pivotal role in the globalised era. Globalisation in addition, to creating several opportunities is posing innumerable challenges with far reaching implication for developing nations like India.

This centre promotes studies on WTO related issues and the implications of globalisation for different sectors of the Indian economy. Some of the specific objectives are:
Developing a database to facilitate studies on Globalisation.
Sectoral studies on implications of WTO agreements.
Organise seminars on emerging issues on WTO and Globalisation.
Encourage research on contemporary issues on Globalisation.

A study on WTO and its implications for Indian agriculture is a project that has been completed by the Centre. The Indian Institute of Banking and Finance was the funding agency for the project. The Centre has also held seminars on Managing Rural Sector in the context of Globalisation, WTO and Higher Education and Awareness programmes on WTO and Globalisation.

Centre for Studies on Corporate Philanthropy
The Centre for Studies on Corporate Philanthropy enshrines aspiration and efforts in the field of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility. The centre addresses crucial issues associated with the philanthropical activities and macro business environment. The Centre was formally inaugurated on November 19, 2005 by Dr.Masayuki Deguchi, President, International Society for Third Sector Research, Boston, USA.

To improve the understanding of the field of philanthropy and third sector reforms in theory as well as in practice, through conceptual and empirical research. Encourage discussions, disseminate information on these areas through publications, policy briefs, working papers, case studies, conferences and seminars and other such methods. To undertake research and consultancy studies. Launching newer programs in the areas of corporate social responsibility.

The Centre has organised conferences and seminars on National conference on “Corporate Philanthropy and Social Development in India”, National seminar on “Management of Not for Profit organisations – some issues and concerns” and a One day seminar on “Governance of NGOs”. The Centre for Studies on Corporate Philanthropy has also completed a study on Corporate Philanthropy and Social Development – A study in Karnataka. Ford Foundation, Project on Third Sector, University of Mysore was the funding agency for the project.

MDP organized at the institute

MDP on Leave Trading System: A Tool to Conquer Absenteeism - 06th January 2012

EDP on Future Market and Trading Strategies 29th July 2011

EDP on Mutual Funds and Wealth Creation – 28th January 2011

During the last few years, the Institute has been offering both In-Campus and In-Company Executive Development Programs for client organisations. With the growth of the Institute as one of the premier business schools in the country, the demand for such programs has been on the rise, leading the Institute to establish the Centre for Executive Development to be able to make significant contributions to executive development in the country.

The centre endeavours to offer Executive Development Programs comparable to the best available in the world at the most reasonable cost. For the year 2007-2008, the centre has scheduled a few such programs much needed by managers and supervisors who have to manage resources and operations in a highly competitive business environment. They are: Personal effectiveness

Entrepreneurial managers in the making

Managing risk through swaps

NLP for high performance

Financial inclusion through micro finance

Transactional analysis and assertiveness for effective interpersonal relationships

Strategic management of educational institutions with TQM

Knowledge Management

Knowledge as capital

Executive Development Programe on the Theme of Mindfulness for Outstanding Performance was conducted by the Centre for Executive Development of the Institute on 17th September 2014. Dr. Sudhir Raj K acted as the Resource Person. Professor Radhakrishna Sharma was the Program Director. A total of 41 participants from Banking, Manufacturing, Service and Academicians and Researchers participated in the Meet. The objective of this EDP is to inculcate the skill of mindfulness among the participants for outstanding performance. The feedback from the participants were obtained and analyzed and 93 percentages of participants were delighted with the program.

FDP on Research in Social and Management Sciences: Opportunities and Methods was organised on December 7 – 8, 2012. The objectives of the FDP were: 1. Identification of areas for further research; 2. Pursuit of interdisciplinary approach and its practicability; 3. Methodological issues for researchers; 4. Management and governance issues for research and investigation; and 5. The policy significance of research in Social and Management Sciences. Twenty Five researchers from different parts of Karnataka participated in this FDP. Dr. G.V.Joshi and Dr. Sudhir Raj K acted as the co-ordinators of this FDP