Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology is that branch of dentistry that integrates the fields of medicine and dentistry to promote optimal health. It was recognised as a speciality by the DCI in 1968 (Oral Medicine) and 1971(Oral Radiology) and since then has made tremendous progress in proving its worth in the fields of Dentistry and Medicine alike. The Indian Academy of Oral Medicine & Radiology came into existence in 1984.

Further, to foster academic growth and allow the dissemination of research in the field of Oral Medicine & Radiology, the JIAOMR was initiated as the official publication of the Academy in the year 1991 and is into its 18th year of existence.

As a speciality, Oral Medicine and Radiology is mainly associated with
Application of General Medicine & diagnostics in dentistry for the management of various diseases of head and neck Oral healthcare of medically compromised patients Dental management of medically compromised patients Diagnosis and management of a wide variety of non-surgical conditions of the intraoral hard and soft tissues, to include facial pain, salivary gland disorders, vesiculobullous diseases and other oral soft tissue lesions that may be either primary in origin or oral manifestations of systemic diseases Recognition of the interaction of oral and systemic health Integration of medical and oral health care Management of Pharmaco-therapeutics necessary for treatment of oral and systemic diseases Investigation of the etiology and treatment of oral diseases through basic science and clinical research Research, teaching and patient care Provision of care for medically complex patients and for those undergoing cancer therapy Diagnosis and management of psychosomatic oral diseases Forensic odontology Aims & Objectives The theme of the department is “Oral health for General health”. The Department aims to instill the following objectives in every student:

To foster excellence in education, research and patient care in the field of oral medicine To promote the study and dissemination of knowledge regarding the medical aspects of dentistry while serving the best interests of the public To promote the highest standards of care in the diagnosis and treatment of oral conditions that are not responsive to conventional dental, oral or maxillofacial surgical procedures To provide an avenue of referral for dental practitioners who have patients with severe, life-threatening medical disorders or complex diagnostic problems involving the oral and maxillofacial region that requires ongoing non-surgical management To improve the quality of life of patients with medically-related oral diseases To focus and educate on the latest imaging modalities and its applications in dentistry Areas of study
Undergraduate course Core Foundation Knowledge Medicine and Pathology Biomedical Sciences Pharmacology and Therapeutics Diagnostic imaging interpretation Core Clinical Practice Oral mucosal diseases Oral manifestations of systemic diseases Oral disorders associated with ageing Oral complications of medical therapy Diseases of the jaws and teeth Salivary gland diseases Postgraduate course Oral Medicine Clinical Practice Diagnosis and Treatment of precancerous lesions and conditions Diagnosis and treatment of orofacial pain Diagnosis and Treatment of Temporomandibular disorders Oral/Dental management of medically complex patients Diagnosis and management of syndromes in collaboration with Nitte Meenakshi Craniofacial Center Epidemiology and Biostatistics Research design and Evaluation Maxillofacial Radiology practice Plain film radiography(Intraoral and extraoral) Trauma Radiography Implant Radiography TMJ Radiography Services offered Radiographic investigations (Intraoral & Extraoral) Tens Infra Red Therapy Ultrasound Therapy Intralesional Therapy Counselling Sialometry Guided Aspirations Incisional Biopsy Aspiration Biopsy Exfoliative Cytology Vital Staining Digital Radiography