Alumni Web Portal

Alumni details Our aim at Nitte (Deemed to be University) is to maintain a relationship with every alumnus. Ensure that they have a successful professional career; recognize them and provide them a platform to share their expertise with the students.

Over the last four decades, institutions of the Nitte (Deemed to be University) have produced more than 10,000 graduates and postgraduates who are placed across the globe excelling in their fields and bringing name and fame to their alma mater. More than 20 alumni have become Deans and Principals at various institutions in India. Some of the alumni have become CEOs of industries and companies and few of them have occupied and are occupying high posts in governing and regulatory bodies. The alumni share their knowledge and skills by conducting workshops and continuing educational programs. On a regular basis, the alumni are recognised for their merits and achievements by their institutions.

There have been various alumni meets of different institutions. 25th anniversary of the Nitte Gulabhi Shetty Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences and the Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences have been celebrated at a very grand scale. More than 30% of the alumni attend these meets. To mark the 30th anniversary of ABSMIDS, a Conference- ‘Oral health and wellbeing’ was organised in which only the alumni were provided a platform to share their knowledge. Alumni have contributed a lot to their alma mater; the main contribution being in building the reputation of their institutions. The alumni assist in job prospects and campus placement. The orthodontic department of the ABSMIDS has been updated by the alumni by contributing more than 45 lakh rupees. The alumni have established Herbal gardens at the KS Hegde Medical Academy and the Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences. Advanced learning Centre has been established by the alumni of Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing Sciences. To recognise the meritorious students, the alumni have instituted more than 30 merit awards in various specialities. Two annual endowment lectures, namely Prof (Dr) N. Sridhar Shetty and Dr Kiran Reddy have been instituted by the alumni by contributing a corpus fund. The alumni of the Nitte Usha Institute of Nursing sciences publish an annual newsletter ‘Swara”.

To improve the network of the alumni from around the world a website has been designed and developed which would enable every alumnus to network with other alumni.