The A.B.Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences focuses on providing ample opportunities for the faculty and students to carry out both basic and clinical research. Clinical research helps to improve the overall quality of treatment provided to the patients. The various themes of research being carried out includes microbial pathogenicity studies ,clinical trials on the efficacy of dental implant materials, various biochemical diagnostic techniques and intervention therapies for management of caries and periodontal diseases. Epidemiologic studies are also carried out among the rural population which aims to improve the awareness and the oral health status of the rural population.


SI No Funding agency Topic Guide Principal investigator Grant amount Year
1 ICMR Correlation between Salivary Lactate Dehydrogenase and the histological differentiations of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma– A biochemical study. Dr. Audrey M. D’Cruz Ms.VarshaPathiyil 10,000/- 2013(completed)
2 ICMR Salivary superoxide dismutase levels in oral leukoplakia and oral squamous cell carcinoma-a clinicopathological study Dr.Shishir Ram Shetty Mr.Bhavin Joshi 10,000/- 2013(completed)
3 ICMR Salivary arginase levels in smokers and non smokers with periodontitis Dr.ShruthiHegde Ms.CynthiaNunes 10,000/- 2013(completed)
4 ICMR Association of chronic periodontitis and hyper lipidemia Dr.Amitha Ramesh Ms./Pooja 10,000/- 2013(completed)
5 ICMR Clinical Evaluation of the effect of Gutkha (Smokeless tobacco)use on Oral Hygiene status and periodont Dr.ShamilaShetty Ms.Lisa Jolly 10,000/- 2013(completed)
6 ICMR Clinical Evaluation of the effect of Gutkha (Smokeless tobacco)use on Oral Hygiene status and periodontal health Dr.NinaShenoy Ms.Madhura 10,000/- 2014(completed)
7 ICMR Comparative analysis of the severity of periodontal disease among elderly males with different levels of physical activity Dr.SmithaShetty Mr.SmeetGusani 10,000/- 2014(completed)
8 ICMR Levels of mercury among children who consume sea waterfish with and without amalgam restoration. Prof. (Dr) Amitha M. Hegde Aisha Niha Ibrahim 10,000/- 2014(completed)
9 ICMR Comparative evaluation of the effect of new age remineralizing agents on enamel surface hardness; and in-vitro study Prof. (Dr.) DarshanaDevadiga) Pooja M R 10,000/- 2014(completed)
10 ICMR Comparative Evaluation of the effect of new age remineralizing agents on enamel surface hardness and in vitro study Dr. ChitharanjanShetty Akhil C Rao 10,000/- 2014(completed)
11 ICMR Myeloperoxidase Levels in the Serum and Saliva of Patients with Squamous Cell Carcinoma- A Biochemical Study Dr.VidyaAjila Varsha Ravi 10,000/- 2014(completed)
12 ICMR Comparative evaluation of bond strength &Microleakage of two nano-composites Dr.ShruthiAttavar Nishmitha Hegde 10,000/- 2015(completed)
13 ICMR Oral health status of autistic children and awareness of care providers towards their oral hygiene Dr.Vabitha Shetty Sanu Susan Sam 10,000/- 2015(completed)
14 ICMR Prevalence of lowback pain and Carpal tunnel syndrome among dental practitioners in Dakshina Kannada and Coorg districts Dr.Anupama Prasad Drithi Appachu 10,000/- 2015(completed)
15 ICMR Salivary biomarker levels and oral health status of Autistic children-A comparative study Dr.Srikala Bhandary Nidhi Hari 10,000/- 2015(completed)
16 ICMR Estimation of salivary pH and viability of Streptococcus mutans on chewing Tulsi(Ocimum sanctum) leaves Dr.Nikita Loyalekar Sharmin Kadkhodayan 10,000/- 2015(completed)
17 ICMR Candidal load in mouth cavity of patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease Dr.Chittaranjan Chowdhuryy Sunena Shetty 10,000/- 2015(completed)
18 ICMR Estimation of salivary thiocyanate levels among tobacco users,non-users and passive smokers. Dr.Audrey Madonna D cruz Anita Benny 10,000/- 2015(completed)


SI No Funding agency Topic Guide Principal investigator Grant amount Year
1 ICMR A comparative evaluation of micronutrient levels in serum of DM type II patients and healthy individuals Dr Sharath K.S Dr.Manavi Prabhu. 25,000/- 2013
2 ICMR Comparison of endothelial function in healthy, chronic perioodontitis and Myocardial infarction patients. Dr.Santhosh Shenoy Dr.Anahitha Punj 25,000/- 2015


SI No Funding agency Topic Guide Grant amount Year
1 ICMR “Comparative Evaluation of saliva and dental caries in HIV +ve patients – an in vivo study” Dr. Amit Malhotra
Prof. (Dr.) Mithra N. Hegde
9,24,000/- 2013
2 Vision Group on Science and Technology “Altered salivary and serum biomarkers in dental caries disease” Dr.Aparna Ashok
Dr.Amit Malhotra
Prof. (Dr.) Mithra N. Hegde
30,000/- 2013
3 PLANMECA Awareness of application of CBCT among dentists in Mangalore Shishir Ram Shetty
Subhas Babu
Renita Castelino
20,000/- 2014
4 M.I.S., Israel Evaluation of peri implant bone level around implants with standard abutments and platform switched abutments-a clinical study Prof.(Dr) Chethan Hegde
Prof.(Dr) Manoj Shetty
4,00,000/- 2010
5 BRNS Effect of radiation on the biomechanical behaviour of root filled teeth and radio protective effect of remineralising agent on the enamel Prof.Dr.Mithra N Hegde 16,04,500/- 2016
6 ICMR Study of the Morphological variations and age changes in permanent maxillary premolars by a new and innovative method of plastination of transparent teeth Dr. Chethana 2,21,659/- 2016
7 ICMR-DHR Projects) Indian Council of Medical Research under grant in Aid Scheme of the Department of Health Research for Inter-sectoral Convergence and Co-ordination Plastination a new method for preservation of oral hard and soft tissue Biopsy specimen in comparison with the conventional method of preservation with formalin Dr Urvashi Shetty 2,07,500/- 2016
8 Geistlich Histomorphometric Analysis of Extraction Socket Healing following Bone Augmentation Dr.Porus Turner 2,00,000/- 2018
9 Bredent medical GmbH & Co. clinical trials for zirconium implants Dr.Rakshith Hegde 1,60,000/- 2018
10 Parkinson’s improvement programme Palmitoyl aspartate project Dr.Shahnawaz 63,000+3,80,000/- 2018


SI No Name of the Student Name of the guides(s) Project Title Grant amount
1 Ms.Shabeer
Mohd Madani
Dr.Biju Thomas A comparative evaluation of superoxide dismutase catalase, gluthione and total antioxidant level in the serum of healthy gingivitis chronic periodontitis patients – a clinic biochemical study. 12825/-
2 Dr.Sheehan R D'souza Dr.Amitha Ramesh A comparative evaluation of micronutrient (Zn,cu and Se ) levels in healthy, gingivitis chronic periodontitis patients-a clinic biochemical study. 47,520/-
3 Dr. Aiswarya Ann Babu D.Preeth Shetty Evaluation of potential to inhibit demineralization of a new dental cream containing hydroxyl apatite fluoride and xylitol. 10,000/-
4 Dr.Preethi V.C Dr.Amitha Hegde Efficacy of chemomechanical means of caries removal over conventional technique,
A comparative clinical study.,
5 Dr. Ankur Tailor Dr.Nina Shenoy, To compare and evaluate the efficacy of Bifluoride 12 diode laser and Bifluoride 12 in combination with diode laser in treatment of dential hypersensitivity – A clinical study.
6 Dr. Riya Mariam Verghese Dr. Biju Thomas, Use of gingival crevicular blood for measuring blood glucose in diabetic patients: A clinic biochemical study. 4,389/-
7 Dr.Sonal Subhaschandra Dodhiya Dr. Ganesh T. Bhat Estimation and evaluation of effect of water purification on fluoride levels in drinking water in Mangalore city. 22,000/-
8 Dr.Divya Tahiliani Dr.Mithra N. Hegde Salivary analysis and its coorrelation with dental caries in type II diabetes patients 6,847/-
9 Dr. Shabin S. Dr. Mithra N. Hegde Cytotoxic evaluation of resin luting agents. 10,000/-
10 Dr.Bijesh A.J Dr. Mithra N. Hegde Cytotoxic evaluation of glass ionomer cements. 10,000/-
11 Dr.Ankit Sajnani Dr. Mithra N. Hegde Leaching of Monomers from Methacrylate based nano- Composites – an in Vitro study. 10,000/-
12 Dr.Sakshi malhotra Dr. Mithra N. Hegde Effect of Revascularization on young permanent teeth:A clinical study 10,000/-
13 Dr.Suvidh Virmani Dr. Mithra N. Hegde A clinical study on the Efficacy of Mineral trioxide Aggregate when used as a surgical root end filling material – an in vivo study. 10,000/-
14 Dr.Joshi Aum Bharath Dr.Manju Gopakumar To compare the efficacy of nitrous oxide and oral ketamine with oral midazolam sedation in children undergoing minor dental procedures 10,000/-
15 Dr.Ishani Vakil Dr.Vabitha Shetty A resin infiltration technique to manage white spot lesion 10,000/-
16 Dr.Roleen Pereira Dr.Vabitha Shetty Evaluation of antioxidant property and antimicrobial substantivity and DNA damage of neem and cocoa mouthwash with honey 10,000/-
17 Dr Subhima goel Dr.Amitha Hegde Evaluation of antioxidant property and antimicrobial substantivity and DNA damage of green tea and cocoa mouthwash with honey 10,000/-
1 Dr.Adrija Kar (Prof), Dr. Rajmohan Y Shetty Urine Analysis of Children residing near uranium mines in Gogi Karnataka. 10,000/-
2 Dr.Lekshmi R Suresh Prof.(Dr. Vabitha Shetty Effect of virtual reality distraction on pain and anxiety during dental treatment in a Autistic children. 69,000/-
3 Dr.Priyanka K Prof.(DR) Amitha M Hegde Effect of Healthy drinks on tooth, with and without sugar-in-virto study. 13,960/-
4 Dr.Minu Mathew Prof.(DR) Amitha M Hegde Eruption and shedding pattern in human twins-A comparision between monozygotic and dizygotic twins. 3,000/-
5 Dr.Shah Tanvi Jithendra Prof.(Dr.) Manju Gopa Kumar Effects of paneer on the erosive potential of carbonated drinks-An in vivo-study. 11,800/-
6 Dr.Sherin Sara George Dr.Amarashree Shetty Survey on preventive and treatment regimens for oral complications resulting from cancer chemotherapy in pediatric patients. 3,000/-
7 Dr.Priyanka Pampani Dr.Santhosh Shenoy Estimation of oxidative stress level in saliva and serum of chronic periodontitis patients with and without ischemic heart disease -A clinico-biochemical study. 18,103/-
8 Dr.Beena Anil Mathew Prof .Dr.Biju Thomas A comparative Evaluation of Antioxidant levels in serum and saliva of chronic periodontitis patients with and without diabetes mellitus type 2. 10,737/-
9 Dr.Shaheen V Prof(Dr.) Mithra N Hegde Efficacy of chitosan as root canal irrigant in disinfection protocol in endodontics. 26,500/-
10 Dr,Raksha Bhat
Dr.Preethesh Shetty
Prof(Dr.) Mithra N Hegde "Disinfection protocol in Endodontics- A comparative Analysis. 15,300/-
11 Dr.Ankita Wali Prof(Dr.) Mithra N Hegde Compressive strength of different glass Ionomer cements-A comparative Analysis 27,000/-
12 Dr.Radhika Jain Prof(Dr.) Mithra N Hegde To compare the wear resistance of a zirconia based glass ionomer cement resin based glass ionomer cement and nanocomposite- An in vitro study. 25,000/-
13 Dr.Agumbe Priyanka Prakash Prof.Dr.Amitha Ramesh A.Comparativ study of total Anti oxidant level and melatonin harmone in the saliva of women in the reproductive age group and post menopause 47,275/-
14 Dr.Manavi Prabhu Prof .Dr.Biju Thomas
Prof.Dr.Amitha Ramesh
Association between dysilpedemia diabetes and chronic periodontal infection 13,200/-
15 Dr.Nireeksha Prof (Dr.) Mithra Hegde Role of salivary urease and arginine deininase levels in dental caries: an invivo-study 20,000/-
16 Dr.Mehta foram
Dr Shaheen Abootty
Prof (Dr.) MithraHegde Comparative evaluation of antimicrobial activity of four different herbal extracts on cariogenic bacteria 8,000/-
17 Dr.Reema M Rao Prof(Dr.) Nina Shenoy Estimation of serum & Saliva Level of Resistin in obese paEstimation of patients with Periodontitis 25,000/-
18 Dr.Roshni jaiswal Prof(Dr.) Nina Shenoy Evaluation of Association between Psychological stress and serum cortisol levels in patients with Chronic Periodontitis 25,000/-
19 Dr. Adapa Swathi Prof (Dr.)Amitha Ramesh Estimation of salivary levels of interliu in-6 and Albumin in Patients with Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma and in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis 25,000/-
20 Dr.Anish Kumar Lagisetti
Dr.Arjun Korath
Prof (Dr.) MithraHegde To evaluate the size and location. Apical Constriction of Mandibular Premolars- A CBCT Study 25,000/-
21 Dr.Parikh Megha Ashwin Prof(Dr.) Krishna Nayak Physiologic changes and Microbial counts in saliva of Patients with fixed Orthodontic Appliances 12,000/-
22 Dr.Bohra Sumit Ashok Prof(Dr.) Krishna Nayak Effect of Initial Orthodontic Activation on Myeloperoxidase- Enzymatic Activity in Patients with Dental Crowding 10,000/-
23 Dr.Anilket Potnis Prof(Dr.) Ashothosh Shetty Role of Chord in (CHRD) gene Polymorphism on various mandibular morphology and its effect on the Mandibular ramus and corpus -a Genetic study 25,000/-
1 Dr.Shiny Inasu Prof .Dr.Biju Thomas Evaluation of serum and salivary Sialic Acid and Nitric Oxide levels in chronic periodontium patients 6,750/-
2 Dr.Anahita Punj Dr.Santhosh Shenoy Estimation of total Antioxidant levels in saliva and serum of chronic periodontitis patients with and without ischemic heart disease. 12,350/-
3 Dr.Safat Sadiq Prof (Dr.)Rahul Bhandarty Association between periodontal disease and head and neck cancer and estimation of C-reactive protein: A clinical and biochemical study. 40,000/-
4 Dr.Nikhitha Aswath Prof. Dr.Vabitha Shetty Effect of apple on total antioxidant capacity of saliva (An in vivo study). 7,900/-
5 Dr.Parvathy Chandra Dr.Nikita Lolayekar Evaluation of antimicrobial efficacy of Tulsi Crude extract against. H.pylori An-in-vitro study. 19,000/-
6 Dr.Ankit varun Prof,(Dr) Amitha M Hegde Effectiveness of an :"Oral Health Promoter- toolbox among the various groups of differently abled children" 14,000/-
7 Dr.Atysha Mohindroo Dr.Akhil shetty Effect of orthodontic force application on specific biochemical mediator levels 42,000/-
1 Dr.Nireeksha Prof .(Dr.)Mithra Hegde Expression of Circulatory and Salivary heat shock protein 70 in individuals undergoing radiotherapy 25,000
2 Dr.Preethesh Shetty Prof .(Dr.)Mithra Hegde Epidemiological survey on caries premolars in southern coastal population 25,000
3 Dr.Vandana Sadananda Prof .(Dr.)Mithra Hegde Comparative evaluation of cycle fatigue resistance of four nickel titanium endodontic rotary instruments 25,000


SI No Name of the Student Name of the guides(s) Project Title Grant amount
1 Ms.B.Shravya Kalavant Dr.Shamila Shetty Status of Vitamin C and Iron in Saliva and serum of patients with and without periodontal diseases 7,228/-
1 Yuga Naik Dr Vidya Ajila Vitamin C levels in Obese and Non Obese individuals with Periodontitis 10,000
2 Cynthia Nunes Dr.Shruthi Hegde Estimation of salivary arginase and nitric oxide levels in patients with oral potentially malignant disorders and oral squamous cell carcinoma 10,000
1 Ms. Arya Ashok Prof (Dr.) Amitha Ramesh "A Comparative study of ascorbic acid levels in systemically healthy patients with and without Periodontitis 12,000/-
2 Farah Demeri Dr.Mamatha Shekhar Shetty Association of green tea and Periodontal health-A myth or reality 10,000/-
3 Nishmitha N.Hegde Dr. Shruthi Attavar "A Comparative Evaluation of Compressive strength of bulk fill composite-An In vitro study 5,000/-
1 Ms.Nishmitha N Hegde Dr.shruthi Attavar Antimicrobial effect of Posterior Restorative Materials on Streptococcus mutans 10,000/-
2 Ms.K.Shreya Shetty DDr.Aditya Shetty A study of the morphology of mesiobuccal 2(mb2)canals in maxillary first molars using cone beam computed tomography (cbct) 7,500/-
3 Ms.Shrima B Kateel Dr.Amitha Ramesh Effect of antioxidant therapy in adjunct to scaling and root planning in patients with chronic gingivitis 5,000/-
4 Ms.Ujjvala Vinay Pyati Dr.Vinaya Bhat A study to assess the cytotoxicity of dental amalgam and dental composite resin 10,000/-
5 Ms. Devika K Nair Dr.Reddy Upasana Jayaram Cytotoxic effect of composite resin filling material on human gingival fibroblasts 10,000/-
6 Ms. Anjana Rajan Dr.Chitharanjan Shetty Comparative evaluation of microleakage of class v restoration with glass ionomer cement and composite restoration 10,000/-
1 Ms.Manish Rai Dr.Urvashi.A.Shetty
Lecturer Dept. Of Oral Pathology & Micrology
Correlation of Cheiloscopy, Rugoscopy- Aid as a triple clue in forensic identification during legal proceedings and criminal investigations 10,000/-
2 Ms.Shrimaa B Kateel Dr. Amitha Ramesh
Professor Dept of Periodontics
Effect of green tea in moderate gingivitis 4,000/-
3 Mr. Kalmady Arjun Kini Dr. Shishir Shetty
Professor Dept of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Microleakage evaluation of an alkasite restorative material.- An in vitro dye penetration study. 10,000/-
4 Mr.Damodar Hegde M Dr.Varsha Vittal Salian
Lecturer Dept. Of Oral Pathology & Micrology
Comparative efficacy of virgin coconut oil and chlorhexidine as an oral antimicrobial: A pilot study 10,000/-
5 Ms.Shreshta Hegde Dr.Tripthi.P S
Lecturer Dept. Of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Analysis of periapical lesion biopsies –A histopathologic retrospective and prospective study 0
6 Mr. Dhruv Ahuja Dr.Prajwal Shetty
Associate Professor Dept. Of Orthodontic and Dentofacial Orthopedics
Analysis of Streptococcus mutans level with the use of different mouth rinse during orthodontic treatment. 10,000/-


SI No Principal Investigator Name of Co-Investigator Project title Grant amount
1 Dr.Chitta Ranjan Chowdhury Prof. Dr. Anand Bangera
Prof. Dr. Rajeev T.P
Interrelationship between Tobacco abitandrenal function in association with fluoride released from inhalation anesthetic 67,500/-
2 Dr.Mamatha Shekar Shetty Prof.Dr.Amitha Ramesh
Prof.(Dr.) Prasanna kumar Shetty
"Antioxidants oxidative stress and total antioxidant capacity in saliva, serum of pre-eclamotic women with and without periodontal disease-A case control study 60,000/-
3 Dr.Anupama Prasad Dr.Veena Shetty
Prof.(Dr) Krishna Prasad D
"Evaluation of the Antimycoctic Activity of grape fruit plant extract on candida species- An invitro study 70,000/-
4 Dr. Vidya Ajila ‘‘Role of human papilloma virus among patients with oral potentially malignant disorders and oral squamous cell carcinoma 1,80,000/-
5 Dr.Shruthi Hegde “Evaluation of Salivary Tumour Necrosis Factor–alpha in patients with Recurrent Apthous Stomatitis” 50,000/-
6 Dr. Renita Castelino Assessment of salivary cotinine levels as a biomarker of tobacco use - a biochemical study 60,000/-
7 Dr. Kumuda Rao Evaluation of salivary cortisol and alpha-amylase levels as indicators of stress in post-menopausal women with psychosomatic disorders. 1,75,000/-
1 Dr.Raksha Bhat - Biological characterization of fresh and cryopreserved dental pulp stem cells derived from third molar teeth: A comparative study 1,00,000/-
2 Dr.Avaneendra Talwar - Establishment and basic characterization of gingiva derived mesenchymal stem cells from periodontally healthy and diseased subjects 1,20,000/-
3 DR.Urvashi A.shetty - Immunohistochemical study of calretinin syndecan-1 and Ki-67 expression in different histological subtypes of Ameloblastoma and Keratocystic odontogenic tumors:A comparative study 1,18,000
4 Dr.Shahnawaz khijmatgar - Effects of Fluoride in the therapy of Osteoporosis assessed by Optical Co-herence Tomography 1,20,000/-
5 Prof:Dr.Ravi MS - Assessment of facial and dental arch symmetry in individuals with anterior open bite- a frontal cephalometric study 10,000/-
6 Prof .Dr.Biju Thomas - Isolation and characterization of gingival connective tissue and periodontal ligament derived stem cells 1,00,000/-
7 Dr.Amita Rao - Identification of Periodontal Pathogens in Atheromatous Plaque by Polymerase Chain reaction 1,20,000/-
8 Dr.Shilpa Dandekeri - Comparative in Vitro evaluation of flexural strength and hardness of three fixed prosthodontics provisional crown materials 60,000/-
9 Dr.Audrey Madonnao - Diagnostic implications of usp9x and ddx3x mutations in oral squamous cell carcinoma 2,90,000/-
10 Dr.Murali P.S - “Evaluation of Mandibular Morphology and the Association of muscle Segment Homeobox (Msx) Gene in individuals with Mandibular Retrognathia” 3,00,000/-
11 Dr.Supriya Bhat - Analysis and comparison of salivary 1- fucose and heat shock protein – 70 in oral potentially malignant disorders and oral cancer a biochemical sudy 65,000/-
12 Dr.Varsha Vittal Salian - In vitro characterisation of oral squamous cell carcinoma derived cancer stem-like cells 2,60,000/-
1 Dr.Crystal Runa Soans - “Effect of silver Namo Particles on the Physicochemical Properties, Antimicrobial Properties and Biocompatibility of Orthodontic Adhesive- An In Vitro Study” 2,00,000/-
2 Dr. Shruthi Attavar - Antimicrobial efficacy of irrigation protocol on disinfection of root canal system – An Ex Vivo study 1,50,000/-
3 Dr. Achalli Sonika Ramesh - Assessment of salivary Interleukin 1 Beta in adverse oral habits and oral potentially malignant disorders 50,000/-
4 Dr. Teena Sheethal Dsouza - An invitro cytotoxic evaluation of MTA with silver and titaniumdioxide nanoparticles 2,00,000/-
5 Dr. Chethan Hegde - Comparision of interaction of dental pulp and dental follicular stem cells in bone regeneration on titanium implants – an invitro study 1,00,000/-
6 Dr. Aashritha Shenava - Evaluation of dimensional accuracy of the implant impression in angled implant with varying subgingival depth –an in vitro study 60,000/-
7 Dr.Kuttappa - - 75,000