Department of Oral biology and Genomic studies

Oral Medicine and Radiology

In 1998 the Department of Oral Biology was established at AB Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences (ABSMIDS) under Mangalore University of Karnataka state.

The Department of Oral Biology is first of its kind introduced and established in India. Ongoing activities within re-shaped Oral Biology & Genomic Studies (OBGS)

  • [Gene and Genetic studies)
  • Research related to Fluoride, Cariology, Diabetes Mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and its impact on oral health, mineralised tissue research and imaging are worth mentioning. But the main focus and the pivotal activity of the department is Oral Cancer Prevention and Control, and with this, the unit is rightly operating an extraordinary nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) services -comprising NRT clinical practice, training sessions and tobacco related addiction researches. The oral cancer unit aims to identify unique Tumor Suppressor Genes (its deletions and mutations) which is associated mainly with smokeless tobacco (ST) habits.
  • PhD and Master's Degree Programme of OBGS
  • MSc in Oral Biology & Genomic Studies and running PhD degree programmes. Most of the PhD projects are designed to investigate specific objectives related to prevention and control of oral and head-neck cancer.
  • Fluoride & Health The special focus for interventions of Pavagada Pavagada: a taluk of Tumkura District of the state) fluorosis has given the high alert, and the Nitte University allotted start-up fund to proceed for treatment in collaboration with integrated rural health services run by Sri Ramakrishna Shevashrama of Psavagada, Tumkura, Product and Device Development unit Another important division of the department of product and device development, of them fortified artificial saliva, Fluoride mouth wash, Fluoride varnish are produced and freshly prepared for controlled supply
  • Continuing Professional Development of the unit of Educational Development
  • Concerning educational development, the department regularly organizes the programmes for continuous professional development and translational workshop-seminars where number of working-group meeting has been carried out and a very good numbers are coming up as well Until today from last 4 years 17 CPD have been organised successfully
  • Board of Studies (BOS) of Nitte University AB Shetty Dental College approved Certificate course
  • Recently the Board of Studies of Nitte University AB Shetty Dental College has approved to offer a certificate course on advanced general dental practices -- jointly Nara Medical University Japan and ours.
  • Extended / Extra-mural programme at home and abroad
  • Department is conducting off campus training and educational programmes at home and abroad.
  • Indian Academy of Oral Biology (AOB- Registered charity as per society registration act of Govt of Karnataka)
  • The department is privileged to host an office of the Indian Academy of Oral Biology (IAOB), a non-profit voluntary organization which aims not only looking after the professional interest, also supplementing and complementing oral biological research activities of the department
  • Bone and Hard Tissue Regeneration
  • Dr. Shhanawaz, faculty in the Oral Biology and Genomic Studies is involved in bone research, image analysis, evidence based practice incorporating the concept of minimally invasive dentistry. He is underway to pursue the re- generative tissue researches on bone and tooth

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